Virgo december 14 horoscope 2019

New unexpected events or experiences may put you off temporarily, but rest assured that their development will not hurt you.

During the week, you will have phone calls or receive information from friends, that will require additional verification or clarification. During the week, stay alert to manipulation attempts, putting you into a state of hostility with other people. Your meetings this week will bring you very strong emotions and experiences.


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Virgo women are more likely to fall into inexplicably sad conditions or depression. You will have the feeling that you are missing something or someone; that you do not what you want to do, but only what you have to. Men will be optimistic about this sign, probably due to the positive development of certain events or relationships.

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During the week you will have important conversations, meetings or experiences related to people born under the sign of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. Virgo Weekly Horoscope 30 September - 6 October, If you were born under the sign of Virgo, this week new or old problems will provoke you to make a decision that you may have postponed until now or act more categorically in the situation you are in.

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Do not be self-righteous or not taking advice this week if you are involved in litigation. During these seven days you will have interesting love meetings and experiences. Some of you will be able to talk about important issues related to the future. Romantic relationships with a partner who lives or works in another city or country will go through a particular development.

They will depend entirely on your individual characteristics.

The lesson for you is that relationships must be worked at. Remember, there is no magic formula. Your salvation lies in human contact and warmth. There are three sectors of your chart dealing with other people, of which the two that now take your notice rule intimate romantic partners and casual acquaintances.

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Professional colleagues — and partners with whom you share your daily routine — will have to wait their turn. You are therefore likely to discover that all your words of wisdom have fallen on deaf ears.

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When it comes to money, you may wait a little longer, perhaps another three months, to make your fortune. You can remain silent no longer. You have no choice but to say your piece, but you may be pleasantly surprised when people stop and listen for a change.

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Emphasise adventurous plans and lay yourself on the line. You never know, you might actually discover hidden talents!

The cosmos always has more tricks up its sleeve.