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Are you currently in transition? Astrological Meaning of Planets California Psychics.

Pisces Horoscope Weekly Love

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Pisces Horoscope Weekly Love

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What a gesture from an avowed meat eater! Happy Valentine's! Mercury is moving in Aquarius for a month! Its impact on the 12 Signs! Check your Sun and Ascendant signs: Aries, Sagittarius and Leo will benefit by increased communications, connections and exchange of information, being more socially active and able to impact others through their speaking, writing, opinions and ideas.

Important contacts or agreements and negotiations can benefit.

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Reaching out to clients or groups of people to spread a message or influence Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn will direct more mental efforts and focus on career, work, financial and practical matters. You will be more organized and efficient in such matters. They would required to use their communicative and intellectual skills for work or to prove their social status Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces will direct their thoughts more towards private life, family, inner introspection, emotional needs and matters of the heart.

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Through analyzing such matters they can achieve more order and clarity In Their private life and inner world. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius will be helped a lot by this influence-they will find their thoughts and communications flowing smoother and faster, being more articulate and inspirational in their thinking And self expression. All matters of organizing, planning, social contacts, marketing, managing, speaking, writing, connecting to others, traveling and negotiating, signing documents or contracts, will be supported and flow smoother for you!

Celebrate love and your awesome self, who deserves all the love in the world just because you exist! X astrolada.

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An amazing personal story of the path to spiritual awakening and Initiation! It is not for the weak! Those on a spiritual quest should think twice if they really can handle the test period, before their spiritual teacher appears spiritually to them It is not for the faint hearted Spiritual awakening is not the New Agey misconception of love, peace, mantra chanting and yoga on the beach! It is bone breaking, death evoking of loved ones or yourself-the lady in question fought for her life for 2 years and almost lost her only child to a prolonged disease. In the fires of suffering, is purification of the soul only possible.

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So when you suffer-rejoice-you are being prepared for initiation. Once you pass this period 7years usually you are granted a state of permanent inner awe and happiness, which can be explained to normal people. But this is when the real work starts In astrology there is an interesting phenomenon, if someone has too many planets in one sign-say both Sun and Moon, or Sun and other planets, etc, then there can be an overload of certain energy and the person balances it out by exhibiting behaviors of the opposite sign, so to take off some some steam from the overloaded sign.

For example someone with Pisces planets, can instead behave like a Virgo-pedantic, cleanliness obsessed, detail oriented. I have seen this quite often-as if the energy of the busy sign gets blocked from the overdrive and the person channels it from the opposite zodiac sign.

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  • I have 4 personal planets in Aries, but people always think that I must be a Libra-being so agreeable and easy going. Only at moments does the Aries energy come out, especially with age Have you noticed this yourself? Getting ready for a photoshoot for my new website! Coming soon! Today Venus in conjunct Pluto in the professional Capricorn sign-female career power!