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When Kimmel began his night's hosting duties, amid the steady flow of jokes was a sincere admiration for all that Stern, a National Radio Hall of Fame inductee in , has accomplished, with him noting especially how much Stern has transformed the medium. He told us very personal things about his marriage. He showed us every part of him and, in doing so, he took a medium that was populated by announcers and countdowns and zookeepers and guys with deep voices and he changed it.

Howard had the same effect on broadcasting.

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Kimmel then went to roving reporter Jeff Probst, host of CBS' "Survivor," who weaved the bevy of entertainers seated at round tables Golden Globes-style on the floor in front of the stage. Barbara Walters proclaimed to Probst her affection for Stern because, despite his penchant for his trademark blue humor, he's "pure, sweet and innocent. Probst handed the mic to former "Saturday Night Live" and "30 Rock" cast member and Billboard Music Awards host Tracy Morgan for praise of Stern, delivered in his typical offbeat way.

Seated alongside a radiant Jewel with most in attendance sharply dressed in honor of Stern , fellow former "SNL" comic David Spade said, "Thank you for putting me next to her. Perhaps their best barb, courtesy of Ross: "Wherever Howard goes, he keeps a picture of his wife Beth in his wallet. Wherever Beth goes … she keeps a picture of Howard's wallet.

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Backed by Train, he performed Bon Jovi's No. Seems like a weird choice for a 60th birthday," Kimmel mused. Stern remarked that "Rain" is his favorite Prince song with many of the night's guests, and song choices, not known to Stern before his big night, in order to add to his excitement upon seeing and hearing them, Kimmel noted. I got stuck in traffic for hours and I'm listening to some guy I've never heard of. He's on a megaphone prank-calling Yoko Ono.

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I was angry, like, 'Play a song! Train followed with its No. Kimmel was gracious to his new p. When he got home, he'd stay in the car to listen [more]. It turns out the radio didn't work. Dunham admitted to her eventual fandom of Stern, calling him a "champion of women in the arts.

While it was surely great radio to outside listeners, the crowd grew a bit restless in spots at the low-key turn in direction. Letterman touched on a variety of topics, including his strained relationship with outgoing "Tonight Show" host Jay Leno, his few hobbies "fishing" and his year run on late-night TV, saying he has no immediate plans to step down like his NBC competitor. Kimmel sat with Stern and Letterman, any sense of rivalry with the latter trumped by respect for him.

Next: a video tribute from Arnold Schwarzenegger and on-stage guest Katie Couric, who ribbed that repeatedly hearing that Stern is the "greatest interviewer is getting a little tired. Jewel sang a Stern original, "Silver Nickels and Golden Dimes," wowing with an extended high note at song's end, while onetime Stern foe Rosie O'Donnell reimagined "Grease" hit "Summer Nights" to chronicle her eventual friendship with the guest of honor.

Among his revelations: Quivers, who overcame cancer, was his favorite guest of the night, "for being alive with me today.